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The Memory Preservation
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1. I think one of challenges in our life besides having to deal with Monday is to keep things unchanged. Specifically, keeping GOOD things unchanged and be just like the way it is.

2. We want our favorite grocery store to stay in business forever, we want the same kepak ayam madu in pasar malam, we want Facebook interface unchanged, we want The Simpsons to be funny again, we want Barney Stinson to be single again, we want Arsenal to play like the good old days again, we want the newspaper to be relevant again, we want the TV to re-start Joe Jambul for the kids again, we want the radio to be free of pre-pubescent high school kids again, we want to read good books as we were used to when we were kids, we want the girls to stop wearing tighties in public... and of course; we want the good part of our life to be back just like the way it used to be.

3. But a part of life is change. Even the good part of our life can change. When it happens, we try to keep hold on every single good part of our life. Even the silliest one.

4. And that's why we keep most of phone numbers that we didn't call or text for years, we keep wearing some of the t-shirts and jean off, we keep eating at the same restaurant even though there are plenty other new other food outlets out there, we keep every single of memorabilia we had. Maybe books, CDs, toys, pictures, a ring, a guitar, a ridiculous hat or even a primary school name tag.

5. The world changes so fast, one minute you're hip for having a 'henpon daun', the next minute you gonna look like a caveman. We did all these things to remind us of who we really are in this fast changing world.

6. And yes mom, I'm not gonna get rid of my stupid clothes, my primary school homework and exam papers and my bicycle.


Friday, October 21, 2011

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