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Speaking as a former budak asrama, here's five thing you should've done/should do while you were/are in a boarding school before you get old and started living like any uptight, bitter adults you've known in your life.

1. Be friends with all kinds of maniac in your batch

Seriously, if you're nerds don't just sit in a nerd table during lunch with your nerdy friends, talk about JAVA programming and fantasy sex three-breasted goddess of Azeroth. Try eating your lunch at budak-budak otai's table, budak-budak lembut's table, budak-budak sukan's table and let's not forget the table which there's only one weird fella would sit.

I did all of this and found out budak-budak otai are all good friends, budak-budak lembut love giving you free stuff like cookies, budak-budak sukan would pass the ball to you and even ping a nice cross for you to miss glaringly in front of goal and the weird fella is actually a spoiled rich kid who hates his dad and would love nothing more to spend his dad's money buying you stuff.

2. Listen to what your friends listen

Don't be all like 'OMG..what crap are you listening' to your friends. Especially to the one who has a nice collection of CDs or casette tapes or mp3s of all kinds of music you could imagine. Instead of dismissing their taste of music, ask yourself a question like 'i wonder why he/she likes this musician'. Don't just put nasyid casette tape on your walkman or maybe tune to local radio stations for fresh music. Radio stations play shit musics.

3. Eat the crappy foods your school has provided.

Don't just turn up during fried chicken day or nasi beriani day. Eat whatever it is your school has to offer despite how fucked up their fried fishes are, how awful their soup looks like or how horrible the feeling you get when you shoved all those craps down your throat. Just eat them for a couple of years and you'd be surprised to know that you have a heightened food quality standards.

You know what makes a fried fish taste better. You know what makes watermelon taste better. You can tell if a chicken is properly cooked or not. You know the smell of a bad restaurant when you see one. But, most importantly you learn to appreciate food more.

4. Do stupid things (not breaking a law) with your friends

You know, stupid things like hunting lizards with rubber band and clumps of paper, barging a dating couple in a classroom, get the juniors to sing 'Bunga-bunga Cinta' in front of Aspuri or maybe hiding in a classroom in darkness waiting for someone to give a major heart attack by suprising him/her.

These are the kind of things you won't forget once you leave school. 

5. Break a law a little bit (not so much that would get you expelled)

I mean stupid law and regulations like you have to wear baju batik when you're going out to town on weekend. Or maybe sneak out of school compound once in awhile to go skinny-dipping in a river just outside of school. But, seriously don't swim naked. Bring a boxer, shorts or something. You could skip morning assembly or classes by pretending you have to go to hospital. But don't be stupid like sneaking in girls dormitory to steal girls teddy bear or something.

Someday, you'll tell this story to your future girlfriends and they would think you are funny. You don't think about telling a story about you went to Math Olympiads when you were in high school, do you?


Saturday, January 21, 2012

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January 21, 2012 at 1:57 PM
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hahaha cannot be said any better than that dude!

January 21, 2012 at 7:33 PM
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naik rooftop! it's a tradition for our school. well, before the wardens locked all the stairs to the rooftop..

January 22, 2012 at 1:34 AM
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hostel is osem...
thankz to abei dewan makan...
now i can eat sayur togei...

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