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Frickin' Interview
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I got a big interview tomorrow. To get this interview, I endured two series of phone interviews. Goddamn. How many interviews a brother have to do before he can get the damn job? Ah yes. I resigned my job as an R&D Engineer two weeks ago. It's a good job but I don't wanna be cooped up in a lab all day long. I need a fresh challenge.

And what better time to be unemployed than now. Merely one week away from fasting month and then come the Hari Raya. God, I hate Hari Raya. Every year, I have to face a gauntlet of judging eyes from my aunts, asking me how much my salary is, why the hell I'm driving a shitbox instead of some BMW or Toyota, why I don't have fucking IPhone..It's sad that we're living in a society that judge people by his/her possessions.

I try not to think much about the interview. It's just gonna made me worse. I read in Reader's Digest that I found in a garbage bin couple years ago, try to set our mindset as a 'value-adder', not as a 'job-seeker' whenever approaching an interview. Basically, I have to make a distinction out of the other job candidates. Maybe I'll be wearing my pink shirt tomorrow. Then, the interviewers will be all like - "Oh...that pink shirt guy! He's gorgeous innit?"

God, I haven't been this nervous since the countdown of 100m dash final of Sukan Tahunan Sekolah Kebangsaan Doktor Abdul Latiff in 2000 - which I finished second last.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

pada 4:35 PM


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