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One thing I like about Facebook(FB) is how it functions as a place to reconnect missing friends (at least with those who have the FB account) with a lot of cool features. Unlike Friendster, it looks way cooler and more sophisticated despite of its recent modification that sucks big time.

With FB, I learnt one of my roomate back in 2002-2003; Irfan , is currently an Oxfordian. I was wowing for like 5 minutes or so. He made it. Back when we were roomates, light off rule starts at 11 pm. But we weren't sleeping until like 1-2 am. That was because we were chatting. We chatted about lots of things from the scariest movie we've ever seen to what type of girl we've adored. It was fun, you know. I still remember he peldges to me to be an Oxfordian by hook or crook. I was like "Wow, dream big, girl". But I never doubt his credential to make into Oxford University. He's bloody brilliant. He answers 60 Geography questions in like 10 minutes. But his main speciality is English. Maybe that was because he did lives in US for 3 years when he was 10.

Lots of my friends have been studying abroad ever since the 2005 SPM results were announced. You name it. Australia, Japan, US, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Rep. Czech, Russia, India and let's not forget Indonesia. I'm happy for 'em. I do. I wish they would come back to Malaysia for work. You know, to repay all the good deeds of Malaysian goverment by serving the country. But, I guess that is their own choices. They're mature enough to mould their future. I always dream maybe one day I stumble across a doctor of one of my former college buddies and get a special lower fees for his/her service. Or maybe they're kind enough to let it be free. It would be cool.

Sorry, this article sounds cheesy. It's that my cheesy mood gets me every time.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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